06-020: Instructional Handheld Data System

The Instructional Handheld Data (KIHd) System is a patent pending Internet based interactive training, evaluation, and data collection system for use in special education.

This uncomplicated system is designed to operate efficiently through portable handheld wireless devices (including PDA’s and smart phones) and synchronize with personal computers for data collection, storage, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and reporting of progress. The KIHd system was developed to be used by teachers, parents and other caregivers to collect and analyze data in real-time for children with special needs to facilitate data-driven, educational decisions to ultimately improve student outcomes. The advantage of this technology is that all caregivers of the individual have around the clock information that can be applied to adjusting proper interventions, educational opportunities, etc. The system is easy to use and understand. The interfaces and reports were professionally developed by experts in improving the lives and productivity of persons with disabilities.

The market for the product encompasses parents, teachers, therapists, school administrators, and medical practitioners. This technology is prototyped and currently implemented in research environments with autistic children. It has been field tested in a school system and is ready for commercialization.

The KIHd System was developed at the Helen A. Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities (KIHd). KIHD is a part of the College of Education & Human Development at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.