06-039: Egocentric Display

This graphical display can present 3D data in 2D, allowing a user to "see" objects that are outside the normal field of view. Possible uses include video games, sensor management systems in military aircraft panel, remote vehicles, collision avoidance displays, drilling, and medical imaging.

The egocentric display presents information about areas located around an ego center on a simple and intuitive display by condensing volumetric information into a sphere which is then mapped into a 2D display. The display could be used by pilot flying an aircraft to quickly identify important information about objects flying in the airspace surrounding the aircraft. The information presented could include: location, velocity, and direction data for each object. In another example, the display could be used to present medical imaging information around a point of interest such as a cancerous tumor. The display could even be used to present properties related to virtual spaces such as within a fantasy world, a database, or a network.