05-001, 06-040: Syntactic Landmine Detection

The syntactic Landmine Detection technology uses syntactic pattern recognition mechanisms to detect landmines using high speed imaging platforms in real-time.

This technology aims to help solve one of the world's largest humanitarian and military problems, unexploded landmines and ordinances. Landmines left over from world conflicts prevent millions of acres of otherwise usable land from being used productively and are a significant cause of unnecessary deaths and injuries. The technology processes signals from existing ground penetrating radars. But unlike existing systems, the signal processing in this system images the internal structure of non-metallic landmines in spite of a myriad of soil types, miscellaneous objects and weather conditions. The imaging can also recognize the detailed external structure of metallic landmines as well as distinguish target landmines from among other landmines. Amazingly, this invention has the potential to operate at real-time speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour.