03-002: The Holland Code Crosswalk

The Holland Crosswalk, an application developed at GMU, provides a user the ability to directly enter results from career assessment examinations based on the Holland interest theme model and subsequently generates a list of occupational titles and broad access to occupational information within the Department of Labor.

Key Features
- Bridges assessment result with potential occupations online
- User friendly front end web interface
- Can be easily integrated into online examinations
- Occupational searches are based on Federal Job Classifications

Market Significance:
Trends in the career exploration field are on the rise. The use of testing to determine job placement, career selection, job development and school program placement is exhibiting growth rate ranges from 13 % (average) up to 41 %. However, assessment results are not always easy to translate into current occupational opportunities in the United States.
Career services and career placement offices

- Eliminates the need for your customers to translate to Dictionary of
- Occupational Titles (DOT) or Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes after using your examination(s).
- Your customers can receive a list of occupational titles and full summaries based on RIASEC assessment immediately.
-Potential to bridge occupational results with job databases that adhere to the Department of Labor occupational standards.