01-031: Online Workshop, Event, and Evaluation Management System (WEMS)

WEMS is a robust Web-based online software application which can be shared by an organization's departments/units to manage the marketing, registration and evaluation of their workshops and events for internal and external audiences.

WEMS also features the capability of monitoring and controlling the use of computer labs and equipment. It is made more robust with the inclusion of a survey/evaluation tool, a build-your-own report tool, and a custom layered security function used to limit access at different degrees among the various organizations using the system.

W: Workshops service provides units the capability to build their own catalogues of offerings, and individuals in the organization to register themselves for workshops.
Walkins provides the capability to keep track of lab or special facility usage.

E: Events provides for online event registration.
Equipment Reservations allows clients to reserve equipment available in labs or special facilities.
Evaluations and Surveys service supports the ability to construct evaluations, to store the data and to collect and analyze evaluation data.

M: Management Reports provided by prepackaged "Quick Reports and Views" or "Customizable

Reports" created by tools which allow the user to choose the data and the option to send the report output to a delimited file to be used in a spreadsheet or database.

S: System Administration features include Email messages sent when an individual registers or drops or when the workshop or event is canceled.

-Facility data management
- Tools to populate all the internal units that can use WEMS
- Tools to setup special workshop and event groupings
- Tools to populate audience types associated with events and workshops

Security features at five levels are unique and specifically designed to meet many types of security issues.