00-024: Hollow Optical Switching System - Periswitch

The Periswitch technology is a compact, robust, and efficient optical switch that uses any number of hollow optical waveguide structures together with any number of cantilevered micro-mechanical deflectable mirrors to couple light out of the waveguide plane.

The Peri switch is an array of such waveguide + deflector combinations on a substrate with two substrates layered orthogonally to each other to create all-optical cross bar switches, image displays and scanning devices.

Market Significance:
The Periswitch:
- Sizes and configurations can vary
- Easily adapted to a generic NxM optical scanner or display
- Scalable to greater than 100 optical channels,
- Accepts a multitude of optical signal formats, bandwidths and wavelengths
- Integrates control signals easily
- Low cross-talk -Efficient interface to optical fibers
- Simple to manufacture

US Patent No. 6,501,869